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Data Product

We design and create discoverable, accessible, and reusable data products, using standard APIs and data formats that enable a modular, scalable and flexible approach to managing data in your organization. Our systematic approach to creating data products includes:


Defining the product scope

This includes specifying the types of data that will be included in the product, as well as the tools and processes that will be used to collect, store, and analyze the data


Design for autonomy

We aim for clear interfaces and APIs that allow other products and services to easily consume the data. This ensures that the data product can be easily integrated and scaled as needed


Use of modern data technologies

We use modern data technologies like cloud-based data storage and compute platforms, data streaming technologies and machine learning frameworks, to enable scalability, agility, and flexibility


Implementing data quality controls

We implement data quality controls such as data profiling, data validation, and data lineage tracking


Establish governance processes

We focus on defining governance processes for managing data products, including data security and access controls, data privacy compliance, and data lifecycle management


Iterate and improve

We treat data products as living products that evolve and improve over time. We gather feedback from users and stakeholders continuously, and use this feedback to iterate and improve the product