Our Offerings

Data Architecture Design

Our team works closely with the data originators, the data users and all other related stakeholders to get the relevant inputs for designing a robust, secure and scalable data architecture. This involves determining the data model, data storage and data processing architecture

Data Integration

It involves ingestion of data from various sources into the data solution. This includes data cleansing, data transformation, and data loading to ensure that the data is accurate, consistent and accessible

Data Analysis and Visualization

Domain knowledge and the understanding of the visualization tools are the pillars to strengthen the decision making and business insight abilities of the management teams

Software Development

High-end data solutions often require custom software development. Our experts develop software applications that can interface with the data solution and provide customized functionality

Testing and Quality Assurance

To ensure that the data solution is reliable and effective, extensive testing and quality assurance is required. This includes both automated and manual testing to identify any issues and to ensure that the system is functioning as intended

Project Management

Managing a high-end data solution implementation requires effective project management skills. This includes defining project scope, managing resources, monitoring progress and communicating with the stake holders

ML-Ops / Data Ops

The team has several years of experience and expertise in data management, model development and training, model deployment, model maintenance and monitoring. We integrate ML-Ops and Data-Ops best practices into your organization enabling rapid innovation, reduction in costs and high reliability of AI solutions

Cloud services

  • Data storage and management solutions
  • Enable businesses to build, train and deploy machine learning models and artificial intelligence applications on cloud
  • Provide businesses to collect, store and analyze data from IoT devices